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        Since the company founded, the company adhere to the enterprise as the subject, integrate the science and technology innovation resources such as Chinese academy of science, Donghua university, develop the cooperation of production and studying and researching, take the key problem together. At present, the professional and technical personnel has more than 30% in our company, witch has reached more than 20 national technology patents, after the scientific research and technology innovation practice,  a new generation of ultra strong anti-embrittlement polyethylene fiber production technology  was created. The production technology in the concentration of spinning solution, system integration, engineering level, degree of automation, product performance and quality achieved with the international technical standards, and full the domestic blank, broke  the blockade and the monopoly of the technique of the European and American countries for many years completely .

Plant Address:No.288 Gangxing Avernue,Huangdao Distric, Qingdao,China  
Phone : +86-0532-88017979   E-mail: info@sintyfiber.com