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Product Name:Uni-Directional Fabric
Product Description:



  1. High Tenacity.2. Excellent cut resistance.3..High Modulus 4.UV defence 5.lightweight 6.corrosion resistant

  Bullet Proof fabric (UHMWPE) - anti-erosion

  UD fabric- anti-shock and anti-cut

  Ballistic materials is made of UHMWPE fiber

  We are specialized in manufacture UHMWPE Fiber, UD fabric and ballistic products. Our fabric has various merits of soft, lightweight, corrosion resistant, impact absorption, moisture-proof shield, light hard armor, public equipment, etc.

  Bullet Proof fabric (UHMWPE) is made of UHMWPE fiber (also called Dyneema fiber or Spectra fiber)

  Material: UHMWPE fiber

  Place of Original: China

  Dimension: 1.6m*1.2m or 1.2m*1.2m (adjustable by customer)

  Prevention property: 32 layers achieve NIJ Level IIIA 9mm

  Features: soft, low-density, anti-erosion, anti-shock and anti-cut

  Uses: soft bulletproof vest, lightweight bulletproof helmet lightweight bulletproof plate, stab-proof vest, cut-resistant vest and public anti-riot equipment



Areal Density(g/m )

Continuous Length(m)







XT -120/145


145 5


Blanket/Helmet/plate/Ballistic shield/Armor

XT -120/185


185 5



XT -120/185




Blanket/Helmet/Board Insert Shield/Armor

XT -75/120


75 5


Blanket/Helmet/Board Insert Shield/Armor

  1. Introduction of Sinty Uni-Directional Fabric

  High performance fiber UD fabric , base on UHMWPE fiber, is one-way fabric, after silk evenly-spread in advanced high-tech equipments, bonded with high strength elastomer resin dipping coating and thin film, with last step 0/90 °biorthogonal laminated. Uni - Directional fabric, sometimes we call it UD Fabric or UD Cloth for short. There are several methods to weave UD fabric, the most common is woven uni-direction fabric, by Germany Dornier loom machine. Its product is mainly used for the reinforcement and repair of bridge, such as Japan Toray company Hector's carbon fiber and the United States HEX – 3R unidirectional carbon fiber fabric; it is mainly used in the aerospace industry and shipping industry.

  2. Why should you choose Sinty UD fabric?

  (1) Its intensity is 40% higher than Kevlar’s, two times higher than that of carbon fiber, UD fabric is currently the highest strength chemical fabric in the world.

  (2) Density: 0.96, is lighter than water, therefore, its products will be much lighter than other materials.

  (3) With strong cutting and abrasion resistance, common thermal stability, it will melt after temperature is 145 ℃ or higher.

  (4) It has smooth surface, low friction coefficient, so it is not easy to fluff.

  (5) Its elongation at break: 3.5%, bending fatigue property is better than Kevlar’s.

  (6) It has strong corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

  (7) Possessing good radiation resistance, it is stable under ultraviolet light.

  3. Wide Applications of Sinty UD fabric

  The product has excellent property of soft, small density, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and strong cutting resistance e. It is widely applied in products such as soft body armor, light bulletproof helmets, lightweight body armor plate, puncture and cutting –proof clothing lining, and special public security facilities. Successfully, it ranks as the world's highest strength and the lightest specific bulletproof material. Because of its good Damping effect, small expansion coefficient, light skeleton, small deformation, it is widely used in aerospace industry, such as radome cover, electronic equipment tank, engine block, engine blades, doors, helicopter blades, etc.; Shipping industry, such as sailing, speedboat, deep sea fishing boat, lifeboat, etc; Sports goods, such as fishing rod, snowboarding, ice hockey stick, ski suit, fencing suit, racing trousers clothing fabrics, etc.; Chemical industry, such as three-dimensional horizontal tank, pipe, workbench, etc.; Health care industry, such as plywood, bandages, respirators, etc; in military industry, such as protective armor, large caliber artillery, tanks road wheel, etc.; other industries, such as the enhancement fabrication of building, the sword, a sword of belt of sword bar loom etc.

  4. Sinty UD Fabric

  Qingdao Sinty Sci-Tech Co., Ltd UD fabrics are all made from our own UHMWPE fiber with advanced production technology, and its production scale expands unceasingly, all of which gain successful recognition and praise of our clients. It has been widely used in body armor, explosion-proof blanket and other protective equipments.

Plant Address:No.288 Gangxing Avernue,Huangdao Distric, Qingdao,China  
Phone : +86-0532-88017979   E-mail: info@sintyfiber.com