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Product Name:PE Wrap Yarn
Product Description:

1. The basic information of PE Wrap Yarn

Wrap Yarn, also called covered yarn, is a yarn with new structure--- filament or short fibers as yarn core, while coated with another filament or short fiber silver on the outside .

The outside yarn coats core yarn in a spiral way.

Wrap yarn has good uniformity, bulking intensity, smoothness, as well as low hairiness, high strength and few broken ends.

2. PE Wrap Yarn/Covered Yarn

Processed by ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene filament and other fibers, wrap yean can be used to weave cut-resistant gloves and other fabric. In accordance with EN388 standards requirements, we classify it into three cut-resistant degrees, 3, 4, and 5.

Apart from feeling soft, PE wrap yearn has superior ventilation and anti-moisture.

3. PE Wrap Yarn/Covered Yarn Application

Coated yarn used in high elastic knitted fabric, demand more part for woven fabric, it is a high grade of thin wool and linen fabric, jacquard weave, double weft knitted fabric ideal yarn and warp knitting fabric.

Wrap yarn number for thick yarn can be spun, among them the majority with yarn, suitable for weaving tights, such as bathing suit, jacket, lingerie, etc.

Covered yarn according to utility, select the appropriate core yarn and outsourcing, its strength is higher than any single yarn.

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