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Product Name:UHMWPE Fiber
Product Description:Over 10 times stronger than steel, 40% greater than aramid fiber, good resistant to UV and typical using for high performance fishing line. White and Colored UHMWPE Fibers are welcomed to all over the world. [Details]
Product Name:Uni-Directional Fabr
Product Description:We are specialized in manufacture UHMWPE Fiber, UD fabric and ballistic products. Our fabric has various merits of soft, lightweight, corrosion resistant, impact absorption, moisture-proof shield, light hard armor, public equipment, etc. [Details]
Product Name:Introduction Of Low
Product Description: [Details]
Product Name:UHMWPE fiber plied y
Product Description:UHMWPE fiber plied yarn [Details]
Product Name:PE Wrap Yarn
Product Description:The basic information of PE Wrap Yarn Wrap Yarn, also called covered yarn, is a yarn with new structure--- filament or short fibers as yarn core, while coated with another filament or short fiber silver on the outside . [Details]
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Plant Address:No.288 Gangxing Avernue,Huangdao Distric, Qingdao,China  
Phone : +86-0532-88017979   E-mail: info@sintyfiber.com