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Qingdao Sinty Sci-Tech Co.,Ltd,situated in Qingdao Dongjiakou port industry park,the west end of Coastal Road,is the first high and new tech enterprise in this industry park.The company adjoins Tongsan Expressway,Jinan--Qingdao Expressway,National Highway 204 and Coastal Road,the transportation is convenient and location is extremely advantageous.

The company was founded in 2010 with registered capital of RMB80 million and planned investment of RMB500 million, covering an total area more than 330000 square meters. It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research and development,manufacture and sales of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and its composite materials.The first-stage project covers an area more than 160000 square meters and two production lines have been overall opened.

Sinty UHMWPE fiber, with UHMWPE of over 5 million molecular weight as its raw material,has unique ultra-high strength and modulus because of its inherent high-orientation and high-crystallization.It is ranked with carbon fiber and aramid fiber as one of the world top there high-performance special fibers,named as “the king of the fiber”.Sinty fiber introduced the advanced formula, key equipments and up to nine software control technology parents from the Netherlands Dreemsman Company,and its technical level and product quality have reached or beyond the advanced level of Europe and the United States.

The company cooperated with the high technology and equipment manufacturers in Italy.Holland and other countries,and carried out academic research with some acknowledged universities and colleges such as Donghua university,which provides strong support for technological innovation,product upgrading and talents nurturing.

With the company’s vision of “to build a harmonious society,care for life safety.”and the management idea of “pursuit of high-quality,Great virtue promotes growth”, We would like to fight for the internationally famous brand for our company.

Plant Address:No.288 Gangxing Avernue,Huangdao Distric, Qingdao,China  
Phone : +86-0532-88017979   E-mail: info@sintyfiber.com